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13 South Broadway – Matthew Morris Salon


Completion Date: August 2012

Size: Site Area = 0.35 acres, Building Area = 6,230 sf

Description: 13 South Broadway (Denver, Colorado) was the site selected by Matthew Morris to expand his growing business because of its location, available onsite parking and the existing 1940’s era Safeway building.   We were able to navigate the entitlement process and update site circulation, design the parking to current Denver Zoning standards, as well as design the site signage and interface with other business’ on the block to coordinate a new fence that screens trash while allowing for pick up and building egress.

The shell of the building was updated with new storefront openings, a large 30′ long skylight and north storefront that provides a visual connection to the street on Ellsworth and Broadway while providing an abundance of natural light.    The building shell was also updated with an expanded water line due to increased demand for a Hair Salon and new mechanical systems for heating and cooling.

The interior of the building was designed around the clients experience and progression into the space to various functions including retail, skincare, hair styling and mens haircare.   Retail, provided by Kerastase Paris, Loreal Professional, Shu Uemura and the Men’s Department initiates the progression to the next level of either skincare or hair care.  As the clients progresses  into the space their is break in scale of the large open space the building provides.  For skincare the client eventually arrives to an individual skincare room isolated from the activity on the stylist floor.   The large open area for the stylist floor was broken up into “neighborhoods”  of areas for  groups of stylists and the colorbar.

Frances Photography, Interior photos
Millard Design, Retail Furniture
FinArt, Salon Stations and Color Bar